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Our Mission:

Our mission with X-Factor Sports Consulting is to provide the athlete and their parents with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in High School and then guide them through the collegiate recruiting process.


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for more info + package pricing.

Film Study:

A huge part of the QB position is the mental aspect of the game. Whether you're needing to prepare for this weeks opponent or learn from your mistakes. Coach Morelli will spend 45 minutes going through film with the student athlete.

Included: 1 45 min zoom study session

Player Analysis + Football Camp Consultation:

Your game film will be assessed prior to your zoom call. Coach will identify your strengths, weaknesses and where he believes you should be recruited whether it is at the D1, D2, D3 or NAIA level. Once this is completed, we will come up with a football camp/showcase game plan.

Social Media Guidance Package:

This is for the athlete to learn how to promote themselves using social media.

X-Factor Mentor Program:

This is for the athlete and parent that wants monthly guidance. They will receive instruction from Anthony & Adrienne every step of the way throughout the duration of the package. There will be strategic planning based on the athlete's goals and abilities.

STAY TUNED for more details....

Our vision:

To educate, empower, inspire and guide the student athlete and their parents as they choose a high school and then progress through the college recruitment process.

Football Camp Consultations:

Yes, Football camps and showcases have become a huge part of the football recruiting process. However, there are so many "money grabbers." Stop wasting your time, energy and money on going to camps that are a waste. You need to have a game plan. This consultation will allow us to create one. 

High School Prep Package:

This option is for the athlete who needs help choosing the best high school for him. This is by far one of the biggest decisions to jumpstart your career. If you aren't in the right situation and have no film, the chances of moving on are next to none.

Includes: We will educate (scheduled phone or zoom calls) you, the parents, on what to look for on high school tours. Questions to ask yourself, your athlete and faculty or coaches. We will be guiding you through the entire process of finding your son the perfect high school to give him the best shot at fulfilling his goals.

College Recruiting Package: 

This option is for the athlete who has offers and needs help choosing the best one for his/her future. Learn what to look for in the college recruiting process to make the best decision for the athlete. 

NFL Representation Education Package:

This is for the college athlete transitioning into the pros. We will educate the athlete on how to pick the correct agent. 

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