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Blake's training with you is paying off big time. We had our first varsity offense practice last night and Blake picked our defense apart. When they would try and adjust, Blake would read it and pick another apart. Our defensive coordinator was very frustrated. Thank you so much for all you've done for him.


You are exactly what and who he needs. Now it's up to him to work on that stuff like crazy. We look forward to a lot of years with you. He is only going to be in 4th grade so I better rent an apartment in Westfield.

-Todd (Steubenville, OH)

Our 12 year old son, enjoys going every Sunday. Anthony works so well with the kids all ages. He stays on them and doesn't let them goof off and is very encouraging. My son has learned so much and I can't wait to see him in action on the field. - Stephanie

The reason we chose X-Factor is because of the fundaments that are taught. X-Factor understands the importance of teaching the sport with proper technique. It's not about just stepping on the field and letting your natural abilities take over. X-Factor is an ongoing learning process that will help my son succeed on and off the playing field. It would be impossible to put a price on the value of what my son has learned and experienced from Anthony at X-Factor.


We have been blessed to have found #XfactorQB. The difference you are making in our sons life speaks volumes of your character, faith and dedication to him. We can't believe the growth we have seen in our son and the leadership he has started to show not only with his peers but also to the kind of athlete he wants to be one day. This video really helped to understand what you are bringing to our child's life. Thank you. 


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